Thomas Edison

Although, having said that, it probably wouldn't take too long to explain the concept to him. I've always wondered how people from the past would interpret our technology - I assume that it wouldn't take long for them to get used to it. I mean, most people nowadays don't really know, or need to know, how a microchip works, they just accept it. People in Somalia don't need to know how to forge or mill steel, or engineer springs, they just know that if they flick the lever all the way down and pull the trigger, bullets come out.

Electronics would be a tricky concept to explain, but, again, most people nowadays don't think
about electrons and impedence and amperage when they switch on their television, they just accept that it works, as would Edison, or Da Vinci, or indeed myself. There's an electron gun, and a thing that you're not supposed to touch, and... a phosphor screen. Yes.

The speakers in the picture above are still quite trendy. Wood panelling died a death in the 80s, and hi-fi equipment was a uniform mass of black plastic throughout the decade. Wood then made a comeback in the late-90s, along with silver, and the living-room above has turned full-circle in the fashion stakes. Except for the television.

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