Joseph Ettedgui's house

This is Joseph Ettedgui's house in Sloan Street, London, although it was actually designed by Eva Jiricna. All this modernist futurism is very European, isn't it? Ettedgui is a clothes retailer and Jiricna is an architect who has won a lot of awards. This design won an award, which suggests that Jirinca is the one winning the awards, not the design.

"Homes of the future will rely upon public taste becoming more educated: whether in a lounge or dining area (above) ..."

Note the 'clean, white expense of ceramic tiles', which unfortunately makes the room resemble a slaughterhouse. Presumably the floor must be extremely cold. Joseph Ettedgui must spend a fortune on heating. I assume there's a clause in the contract that forbids him from installing carpets. Whether Ettedgui still lives in this house, and whether it still looks like this, I don't know.

Heck of a name, 'Ettedgui'. It looks like an anagram for something else. 'Ted U. Geti'. That's one.

(c) Ashley Pomeroy 2001