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Internal pictures of the Eurohard factory, December 1984. The event was attended, by a number of people, thoose present in the photos are:

  • Mr. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra (President of the Regional Government of Extremadura).

  • Mr. Manuel Veiga López (President of the Provincial Council of Cáceres).

  • Mr. Eugenio Álvarez Gómez (Minister of Industry and Energy).

  • Mr. Richard Wadman (Dragon Data & Eurohard)

  • Unkown

Eutohard Internal 1 : Disk Drive Production

Disk drive poduction line with the drives on their dollys


Eutohard Internal 2 : Disk Drive Production

Eutohard Internal 3 : Disk Drive Production

Eutohard Internal 4 : Dragon Production and Testing

Dragon assembly


Eutohard Internal 5 : Dragon Production and Testing

Dragon production testing


Eutohard Internal 6 : Dragon Production and Testing

The Eurohard testing looks like it's using the production testing setup from Dragon Data factory but with an additionn TV/Monitor.

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"Progress belongs to those who imagine the future." Today in #ExtremaduraEnImágenes we delve into a time when only a few conceived of the Information Society as a revolution, reliving through our gallery the inauguration of the Dragon microcomputer factory, which took place on December 19, 1984.
At the beginning of the 1980s, a large British toy manufacturer called Mettoy sought to enter the new world of personal computing, which was beginning to have a great commercial projection worldwide. Mettoy, based in Wales, created the company Dragon Data in order to manufacture a home microcomputer, thus emerging the Dragon 32 computer (named for its 32 kilobytes of RAM).
In 1984, a public limited company called Eurohard, S.A. was founded in Spain with the aim of entering the personal computer market. Taking advantage of the cancellation of the purchase of Dragon Data by Radio Shack, Eurohard, with the help of different Spanish entities, bought the company in August 1984, moving its headquarters from Wales to Spain and establishing, on the one hand, its commercial headquarters in Madrid and, on the other, its computer factory in Casar de Cáceres (Extremadura).
On 6 February 1985, Eurohard won a tender from the Ministry of Culture of the Regional Government of Extremadura for the supply of computer systems to educational centres. For this reason, in Extremadura, the computer manufactured by the new company Dragon Data was popular among schoolchildren. He then tried to achieve the same at the national level by submitting the equipment in a bid to win the Ministry of Culture's Athenea Project competition.

Today in #ExtremaduraEnImágenes we rescue from our Photo Library the inauguration of the Dragon microcomputer factory, which took place on December 19, 1984.