Kenfig Dragon Data Factory Oct 2017

The Dragon Archive and fellow Dragoneer Chris Poacher make a pilgrimage to the former Dragon Data factory at Kenfig, Port Talbot

Dragon Data Kenfig Factory 2017 Dragon Data Kenfig Factory 1983/1984

During most of the buildings life it was used by Orion electronics and it's evidence is weathered into the outside of the building. It's now (2017) being used by 'The Chocolate Factory' who make confectionary and run a soft play centre.

Luckily during our impromptu visit we managed to a few photos inside but as we were essentially gate crashing a childrens party they are limited.

The building has been extended a number of times during its life, the satellite view below shows a best guess at the extensions.

Interesting fact: In the early days the R&D folk were hived off in a separate, smaller, unit and only brought in-house later on.

Thanks to Chris for helping out with pics.