TANO advert Sept 1983

Higher quality version

This, quite literally, is the color computer America has been wailing for. One of the best sellers in the United Kingdom, the Dragon will soon be manufactured by TANO to serve American consumers who want a serious, computer; one that has proven itself at providing educational and home management applications as well as fun and games. To meet this challenge. the Dragon was born.

With a standard 64K of RAM. A professional typewriter-style keyboard guaranteed for 20 million key operations. And an impressive array of options which include disk controller and drive, a printer. audio cassette recorder. a modem (RS-232 serial I/O) joysticks, game cartridges and a free BASIC training manual. Using the new 6809E Microprocessor (a great advance on the original 6502 still used by our competition), the Dragon brings advanced computer functions well within your reach. And priced below $400. It's anything but expensive. But these aren't the only points of difference with which our Dragon roars.

Unlike most units. the Dragon gives Extended Microsoft Calor BASIC as its standard language while the competition is still stuck in Microsoft BASIC training. The Dragon's advanced graphics features include set, line, draw, circle, paint, print @ and print using. Of course the Dragon also features advanced sound capabilities. And full editing features allow you to insert. delete or change at will. Oh yes - don't forget the colors!

The Dragon features nine; with live different resolutions from 512 points of text (16x32) to 49,152 points (256xI92) at high resolution. And you can view these amazing phenomena through either your composite video color monitor or VHF TV. So goes the Dragon's story. If you'd like to know more. Just mail the coupon or call George Merchant (our Director of Marketing) loll free al 1-800-327-7671 .

Software developers and dealer inquiries are welcome. The Dragon is destined to become legend as America discovers its great performance is no myth.