Finnish A4 brochure for the FINLUX Dragon.  Even though the TV in the brochure is branded as a FINLUX it looks like the Dragon isn't branded as FINLUX, as seen on released examples, although it does have a custom label.  The brochure is branded as LOHJA Consumer Electronics, the parent company of FINLUX.

There appears to be a number issues with the brochure, including .... "It enables the UNlX operating system on the Dragon".  I assume this relates to OS9, which is UNIX like.

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Finlux Dragon brochure front cover

From the office to home utility and leisure use - Dragon

- wisely done -

Finlux Dragon brochure center fold


The best Basic and high-end graphics for home PCs. These Reviews Dragon received in a review of Micro computer magazine No. 3/84. The Tekniikan Maailma test in the spring of '84 also ended to the same; "Dragon's Basic is perhaps one of the best on the market". Dragon's programming language is Extended Microsoft Color Basic language which is an industry standard and thus commonly used in large computers. With Dragon you learn big language from an early age.

Graphics in 9 colors, five options
Dragon's basic graphics offer options from 9 colors From 16 x 32 point block graphics to 256 x 192 point precision graphics. Excellent picture on standard TV, great with a direct video connection. In the Dragon programming language have ready-made commands for controlling graphics unlike most home computers.

Dragon is a complete system
Unlike most home microcomputers, Dragon can be connected to almost anything any printer and standard cassette recorder into a mass storage unit. The data speed is no less than 1500 baud, so programs load quickly. Versatile, thanks to the recorder commands, the Dragon user can take advantage cassette tape recorder almost like a disk drive for programs and in the processing of memory data. It is easy to add to the system also two game controllers, light pen, disk unit, video monitor, ROM modules or machine head by changing the card its memory capacity can be doubled from 32 to 64 K RAM unit.

Dragon makes it easy to compose
Dragon's sound range is 5 octaves. Feel free to assign a note, its length, tempo, pauses and re-records everything for use. Of course, you can have Dragon play familiar ones as well melodies in the same way. You can use the sound as an effect in games or, for example, with the help of a speech synthesizer in training programs as a learning facilitator.

Dragon maintenance is quick and spare parts are easy to get.

Lots of programs - yes for business use rather than private use
Dragon is one of the biggest brands in home PCs and compatible Tandy Color Computer, which is very popular in America with. Dragon users have an almost unlimited selection of programs within reach, special specialties, the first tax return filling program developed in Finland, the most affordable word processing program on the market, and the inventory accounting program, just to name a few.

There is English literature suitable for Dragon Plenty and its translation into Finnish is in full swing. For those familiar with the computer world, Dragon also offers an English-language amateur magazine.

As a screen in Dragon the usual can be used (black and white or color) UHF television or video monitor. Dragon has also direct video connection, which improves the image quality to a standard antenna connection compared to. Monitor or TV can be placed upon the Dragon, the power unit can fit into a really small space. With Centronics connection (industry standard) to Dragon can be attached most on the market existing printers.

Every Dragon buyer gets over 200 pages a Finnish user manual, whereby the use of a home micro can great to learn by yourself. Also, an English the manual is included.

In the Dragon microcomputer is from Motorola 6809 microprocessor, which is normally used in class bigger so-called in minicomputers. It has 16-bit inner workings. It enables the UNlX operating system on the Dragon, which is a generation ahead CP/M operating system.

Dragon has the right sizes typing keys, which are easy use.

Dragon software sources are perfect; disk drive, cassette recorder, joysticks, light pen, ROM modules and RS-232 interface, thanks to which the Dragon will be soon suitable for two-way videotex system. Cassette recorder use is fast, because the tape commands are Dragon's strong feature. Data speed as much as 1500 baud.

Already more than 200 game programs.
- Cyrus-Chess - puzzle game
- Donkey-King - jungle game
- Star-Ships - space game
- Hide and Seek - maze game
- Shutler-Space - flight simulator
- Graphic Animator - drawing and coloring program
- Shark - diving game
- Final Count - adventure game
- Pixel Editor - graphics program
- Typing Tutor - tutorial
- Dreambug - adventure game
- Racer -Labyrinth game
- Phantom Slay - ghost game
- Pinball - othello game
- Invaders Revenge - space game
- Ghost attack - ghost game
- Edit + - 52-character screen, Scandinavian characters full screen editor - and so on

Plenty of utility programs
- Stylograph - word processing program
- Topelius - Finnish/Swedish word processing (own software production)
- Spellcheck - a program for checking English texts, the program will check 42,000 different words in your text
- Mailmerge - instructions for handling personalized letters, the formation of letters, etc.
- Dynacalc -accounting software
- Basic 09 - a structured compiler program for the Basic language (Pascal format)
- Pascal language - based on the OS9 operating system efficient block-structured language - C compiler - new popular C language
- OS9 Macro Text Editor/Assembler/lnteractive Debugger
- assembler - a program developed for language formatting, which can also be used in connection with Pascal and C language, system diagnostics, I/O line testing (also 6809 code)
- Inventory control software - inventory accounting, profitability analyses, inverter lists, offer calculation, etc. (own production)
- Documents for all programs

Dragon literature A Basic manual is also available for Dragon in Swedish and as Norwegian versions directly imported from German, French, Spanish and Italian instruction manuals for the well-equipped from or through bookstores. English speakers There are twenty or so magazines about Dragon and home caviar available. Literature:
- Dragon User - magazine
- Inside the Dragon - book (includes Assembler programming, internal technology of the device)
- Load and go with your Dragon (incl. games)
- Dragon 32 games master (incl. separate games and instructions for game making).

Motorola Club address:
M 6800 club, Veneentekijiantie 18, 00210 Helsinki

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