How To Hunt A Dragon

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How to hunt a Dragon advert

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If you're a parent.
It's best to convince your child. Talk to them about how wonderful it would be for them to have a Dragon. Tell them it’s 64K (they know what it is), that it's got outputs to connect to any peripheral, and that, in addition, it is Spanish, so they will be able to understand it a lot better. Tell them all this, and when you convince them and they will ask you to buy it. You'll see how much fun you'll have with the Dragon games. And, also, if you want to do accounting and work with them, you can do it too. But..., don't tell your child.

If you're a child.
It's best to convince your parent. Tell them that a Dragon has a lot of fun games and that, in addition, it can help you in your work, and so on. Once you've convinced them, you'll be able to enjoy the the most mind-blowing microcomputer you've ever seen. With lots of programs in Spanish and many possibilities for you to learn how to make your own programmes. Take our word for it. Convince them and you'll have a Dragon at home.