Software 8 Pack

Dragon Data went to some effort to produce some very good art work on their software and what better way to show this off than to produce posters. The original poster size is 23" x 15,1/2" and were sold for the bargain price of 3 for the set of 8.

If you have *any* information on the artist(s)/companies that produced Dragon art work/photography *please* get in contact.

Other Posters

The GEC Dragon software poster was an A5 leaflet that folded out to a double sided A2 poster promoting their home software. Being GEC branded this is quite late in the history and also contains 'SAMSIM' and 'Fembots Revenge' which were probably never released.

Feed Your Dragon is an A3 poster which is the same as used on the back cover of Dragon World magazine.


The archives own posters shown, thanks Gareth for the software poster 8 set.

Astroblast Download  Astroblast (14MB JPG)
Black Sanctum Poster Download Black Sanctum (17MB JPG)
Calixto Island Poster Download Calixto Island (16MB JPG)
Cosmic Invaders Poster Download Cosmic Invaders (16MB JPG)
Madness and the Minataur Poster Download Madness and the Minataur (18MB JPG)
Meteoroids Poster Download Meteoroids (19MB JPG)
Quest Poster Download Quest (17MB JPG)
Starship Chameleon Poster Download Starship Chameleon (26MB JPG)
Feed Your Dragon Poster Download Feed Your Dragon (10MB JPG)
GEC Dragon Software Poster Side 1 Download GEC Dragon Software - Side 1 (11MB JPG)
GEC Dragon Software Poster Side 2 Download GEC Dragon Software Poster - Side 2 (10MB JPG)
Microdeal Space Shuttle Poster Download Microdeal Space Shuttle (15MB JPG)